104 Home Builder Blog Topics

104 (More) Home Builder Blog Topic Ideas

How can home builders use blogs as part of a solid SEO, conversion, and lead nurturing strategy? It starts with a consistent schedule of two blog posts per week (104 per year). But how can you come up with new ideas to write about, week after week?

We’ve made it easy with this list of 104 topics that you can use to create content that connects with buyers, or simply use this list to inspire your own ideas.

Floor Plan Focus

Floor plans and photo galleries are the often most popular sections of a home builder’s website – attracting as much as 50% or more of all website traffic. Don’t trust your floor plan alone to do the talking for you – explain the features and benefits, then demonstrate with photos and videos.

Make floor plan focus posts a monthly part of your blogging schedule. Here are some ideas for floor plan topics:

  • Discuss design options for a specific floor plan that offers multiple configurations (den or dining room option, fourth bedroom or loft option)
  • Embed a virtual tour video and write about features/benefits
  • Comparison chart (compare kitchens of different floor plans to make it easy for buyers to find the floor plan that is best for their lifestyle)
  • Take an opposing side. If everyone wants a great room and you have a plan that does not offer one, write about the benefits of a more traditional style floor plan
  • Let the pictures do the talking for you! Create a slideshow (or paginated post) that keeps buyers clicking
  • Popular floor plans for multi-generational families
  • Popular floor plans for retirees
  • Featured floor plan (schedule several throughout the year, typically based on a standing inventory home)
  • Featured floor plan testimonial: “Why I love my Provence plan”

How-To Blog Posts

The how-to blog posts are a home builder’s bread and butter for attracting home buyers on the web. This is where you get to showcase your expertise and position yourself as a trusted resource. The more valuable, original and authentic the information is, the higher your opt-in will be (blog subscribers, social media opt-in, eNewsletter sign up, live chat, and contact form completion).

  • What to look for in a new home (young families)
  • What to look for in a new home (families with teens)
  • How to buy a new home when you have a home to sell
  • Cost of ownership: new versus resale
  • The complete guide to relocating to [your city].
  • What to look for when comparing neighborhoods
  • What to expect when buying a new home (step-by-step guide)
  • How to landscape the yard of your new home on a budget
  • 25 ideas to save for a down payment for your first home (coffee at home versus daily lattes, Netflix over movies, etc)
  • Home shopper checklist (what to look for)
  • Energy cost comparison: new versus resale
  • Find the right neighborhood for your family
  • How to design the perfect media room (use different floor plans that you offer as examples)
  • 10 mistakes to avoid when buying a home in [your city] (Don’t mistake a low price for a good value, don’t accept lender debt ratios as your comfort level, etc)
  • Choose a home builder (reviews, testimonials, what to look for)

FAQ Blog Posts

Similar to how-to topics, FAQs are education-based topics that are formatted in an easy to skim list form. FAQs can include curated content that link to third party content. Depending on the topic, your FAQ blog post can provide the answers, provide the questions for buyers to ask about a new home purchase, or provide a list of resources from around the web. This can save buyers hours of research on the web and position your company as a trusted expert.

  • FAQ: Buying a new home on contingency
  • Financing checklist (what you’ll need to provide for your mortgage app)
  • FHA loan (very general, with lots of links to third party resources and a call to action to visit the sales office for more details)
  • VA Loan (very general, with lots of links to third party resources and a call to action to visit the sales office for more details)
  • FAQ: How much can buyers expect to spend at the Design Center
  • FAQ: Buying a new home after a bankruptcy/foreclosure
  • FAQ: Buying a first home (explain terms, process)
  • List of construction quality questions every buyer should ask their builder before they buy

Community & Lifestyle

Builders, floor plans, and photos galleries are not the only items that buyers research on the web before they buy a new home. Buyers also research lifestyle. This can include commute, schools, crime, taxes, walkability, shopping, dining, recreation and more. Be a resource for your buyers by centralizing all of the information that they’re looking for on your blog. This saves them time and generates better SEO, more website traffic, and a higher conversion rate for you.

  • Schools: list only with location, contact information, and awards
  • Churches: list all, no commentary
  • Recreation: 15 things to do in the neighborhood
  • Kids: list of parks, playgrounds, and family friendly restaurants
  • Pets: dog parks/grooming/care
  • Bargain: family fun under $10, best free local events
  • Foodies: best local eats, cooking classes, gourmet grocery
  • Amenities: neighborhood amenities (pool, spa, fitness center)
  • Parents: resources for parents in the area (parent groups, Gymboree, etc)
  • Local: 101 things to do in [your city] (link out to every website, connect with every event on social media, and tell them that they have been featured on your list – great way to drive traffic)
  • Walkability: if applicable, how many places can residents walk to for shopping/dining?
  • Health and Wellness: Farmer’s Market, hiking and biking trails, local 5k event
  • Neighbors: Recent homeowner’s event (with photos and quotes if possible)

Design Center Guide

Consider the immense popularity of sites like Pinterest, Houzz, Flickr and Instagram and it’s easy to see why Design Center topics should be a part of your regular blog schedule. Designing a new home is fun, and a blog is a great way to promote the advantages of buying new versus resale.

  • 10 ideas to create a dream master bath
  • Interview with Design Center staff about the most popular choices for buyers now
  • How to re-create the look of a specific model home on a budget in Your Design Center
  • How to re-create the look of a celebrity home for less in your Design Center
  • How to create a designer new home kitchen on a budget
  • Compare flooring quality and cost (educate buyers about the different types of surfaces, how resistant to stain they are, how durable they are, and general cost comparisons)
  • Compare counter surface quality, durability, and general cost
  • Checklist before your Design Center visit (know your budget, bring color swatches, know where you are willing to compromise and where you are not)
  • Tips for choosing colors for your new home
  • Guide to window coverings (style, cost, privacy, energy efficiency, ease of care)
  • New trends in home technology (upsells media rooms, technology centers)
  • How to use lighting to create a designer look (upsells custom lighting)
  • Eco-friendly choices (flooring, cabinets, counters)


The most compelling content for your blog is story driven, and testimonials are a great way to create content that home shoppers can relate to. Here are a few testimonial ideas:

  • First homeowner in a neighborhood
  • Homeowner who has referred multiple other owners
  • Homeowner bought second home from your company
  • Second generation buyer
  • Local broker who has brought several buyers talks about why their clients love your homes
  • Video testimonial (cross post to YouTube with keywords for SEO)
  • Testimonial of buyer who specifically discusses warranty
  • Homeowner raves about your sales person or custom service rep
  • Buyer who has lived in your home for 5+, 10+ years talks about long-term quality
  • First time home buyers talks about how easy the process was
  • Move up buyer talks about why they decided to sell and move up now (great rates, market was increasing and did not want to wait until they were priced out of the market, etc)
  • Have a social media contest where people talk about what they love about their home. Ask people to vote for their favorite answer. Write a blog about the contest, winners, and runners up.
  • Get photos of 10 different “real life” versions of a specific floor plan, ie “10 real life versions of the Willow Spring Family Room.” Include quotes from each homeowner about how they use the space and why they love it.
  • Buyer(s) talk about how they feel a sense of community and how many friends they’ve made in the neighborhood
  • Group of moms on video talking about the sense of community for their children
  • Buyer talks specifically about looking at every home in the area, and why they chose your community (and why they are glad that they did)
  • Recent customer survey results
  • Testimonial from specific buyer profiles (families, empty nesters) that includes photos and video
  • Multiple testimonials from happy homeowners of the same floor plan

Builder Story

Researching a new home purchase online can be overwhelming for home shoppers. Buyers can quickly get a case of “builder blindness,” in which homes and builders all start to look alike. Blogs that include stories about your company differentiate you and your product online by humanizing your brand. Here are a few builder story topic ideas:

  • 10 ways to connect: Facebook, Twitter, Blog subscribe, email newsletter, Pinterest, Instagram, live chat, email, phone, visit sales center (benefits of each)
  • What’s your mission statement and what does it mean to you? How does it translate to the homes that you build?
  • Meet the team
  • Recent awards received by your company or given to an employee
  • Why the company was started, and how that original vision is still serves as the compass of your company everyday
  • Video interview with the company owner
  • Builder historical benchmark (built first home 23 years ago today, etc)
  • Highlight a customer service rep employee (we take care of you after the sale)
  • 10 ways your team helps buyers before, during, and after the sale
  • Highlight home builder community contribution (time or financial)

Sales Promo

Sales promo posts have one goal: drive excitement, urgency, and immediate action. This is where you can communicate limited time incentives and sales success – toot your own horn! By building a relationship with your readers with education-based topics like the ones listed above your sales promotion messages are far more likely to produce results when it’s time to announce a specific promotion.

  • Only [x] homes left
  • Limited time incentive
  • Buy before price increases
  • VIP preview of new community or plan
  • Pre-construction pricing
  • Design center credit
  • Specific plan sold out, others available
  • Highlight specific plan that is underselling with feature/benefit/emotion
  • Market trends by region (“Real estate sales up 13% in [Your City]”)
  • Market trends by architectural style (“Ranch style homes gaining popularity”)
  • Market trends by buyer profile (retiree, first time, first move up)
  • Promote a sales benchmark (phase sellout, 8 homes left, etc)
  • Featured home: standing inventory home, or next to be completed

Focused Sales Message

A focused sales message is different than a sales promo in that it’s not necessarily time driven. Just as your on-site sales agent would customize a sales presentation based on a buyer needs, wants, and motivations, a focused sales message addresses a specific point. This is your chance to address common community objections, position against a competitor, or tailor your message for a specific buyer profile. Home buyers spend a lot of time weeding out builders on the web – this is your opportunity to recapture an opportunity that might otherwise be lost.

  • Luxury home design trends (tie to your homes specifically)
  • 10 signs of a quality builder (if possible, use videos and photos illustrating differences in homes – especially if you have a competitor that is competing on lower price with cheaper finishes)
  • 8 reasons to buy now: (rates, pricing, inventory, etc. For added credibility link to third party sources for credibility, preferable local market statistics)
  • 10 pitfalls of a large/small homesite: if you’re selling patio homes or homes on smaller home sites and you’re competing with resale homes on larger lots, don’t be afraid to pull out the big guns: larger yards are more expensive to landscape, more expensive to maintain, and who wants to spend a weekend afternoon mowing the lawn when you and your family could be swimming at the lake? If you happen to have large yards, reverse it: Why go swimming in some smelly crowded lake when you can jump in a glistening blue swimming pool in your very own backyard?

That’s our list – what would you add?

Dawn Sadler

Dawn Sadler is the Founder and CEO of Builder Target. She is also a speaker, author, and content strategist.

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