17 Home Builder S.M.A.R.T. Online Marketing Goals

You can take control of your online marketing. It’s not about big marketing budgets or expensive software. In fact, online marketing success is often about simple, small tweaks that can lead to big results.


Here’s our list of 17 home builder online marketing S.M.A.R.T. goals that are realistic, achievable, and affordable to implement. Focus on a few, or share the entire list with your team to create your online marketing roadmap.


 1.     Improve your conversion rate 2%

For every 1,000 visitors to your website every month, a 2% increase in conversion from visitor to lead translates to 20 more leads per month, or 240 leads per year. Add additional conversion points to your website including email newsletter sign up, blog subscription forms, and downloadable reports and brochures.


2.     Increase traffic from organic search 10%

Traffic that comes to your website through organic search, meaning search engine results that are not paid ads, costs less money. Traffic from organic search is much more likely to convert to a lead. Increase your organic search with a consistent blog program of at least 2 blog posts per week for better search engine ranking. Optimize each blog post for SEO with keywords in your blog title, meta description, anchor text links, URL, and photo alt.


 3.     Lower cost-per-lead 10%

How much do you currently pay for every website lead? For example, if you spend $1,500 on Adwords each month and that generates 10 website leads, you have a cost per lead of $150. By lowering your CPL 10% to $135 (or less), you can get a better return for your marketing dollars. Shift your marketing investment from paid search to asset-based marketing such as blogs, videos, and website SEO.


 4.     Increase homeowner referrals 10%

Prospects that schedule an on-site appointment based on a referral from one of your existing homeowners already have a level of trust that can lead to a faster sale. Referrals are also one of the most cost-effective methods of attracting home buyers to your sales office. Create a consistent email marketing campaign specifically for homeowners and use surveys to measure homeowner satisfaction.


 5.     Lower website bounce rate 10%

Bounce rate refers to the number of people who visit your website and leave immediately – essentially, wasted traffic. Use multimedia tools such as videos, interactive floor plans, and great blog content to engage buyers.


6.     Increase average time on site by 1 minute

The more time a visitors spends on your website, the more likely they are to register with at least a valid email address. Once a prospect registers, they are more likely to buy because they receive follow up information from you. Each month, your average time on site from all visitors should be three minutes or more. Create a blog with well-organized content that makes it easy for buyers to find additional content. Add a category menu, related posts for each article, and sidebar with popular or recent posts.


 7.     Increase average page views per visit by 1 page

Just as more time on site leads to more leads, the more pages a prospect views the more likely are to register as well. Create blog posts with links to floor plan pages, photo galleries, landing pages, and other relevant blog topics.


8.     Get 10 leads per month from video conversions

Do you have a collection of videos on YouTube? Add an email opt-in form to the end of each video to turn views into leads.


 9.     Grow interest list 5% per month

An interest list of 1,000 prospects that increases 5% per month will nearly double within one year. Find additional ways to add value for website visitors who register with an email address: market reports, checklists, floor plans, brochures and other information that’s relevant for home buyers can boost your list in no time.


10.  Increase return website visitors 10%

Hot prospects will visit your website again and again before they ever visit your sales office. Give them a reason to come back with weekly email newsletters, RSS-to-email campaigns, and social media to nurture leads to the next step in the buying cycle.


 11.  Increase blog subscribers 10% per month

In addition to your general email interest list, blog subscribers are your most valued web lead. These are the people who have said they want to hear from you whenever you publish a brand new post (2 or more times per week). And, with an RSS-to-email campaign, you can completely automate your email marketing campaign. Make a goal to increase your blog subscriber list by 10%. Offer something of value (like a First Time Buyer Financing FAQ) for visitors who register.


12.  Increase conversion of total lead list to appointment by 3%

How big is your list of prospect email addresses? 100? 1,000? What percent of that list do you convert on on-site appointments every month? For example, if you have a list of 1,000 prospects and an average of 10 people on your list convert to sales office appointment per month, you have a lead-to-appointment conversion rate of 1%. If you increased your list-to-appointment conversion by 3% you would triple monthly on-site appointments from 10 to 30. Use a weekly email newsletter to reach all prospects. Include recent blog posts, videos, and current promotions or availability.


 13.  Decrease your web-to-contract sales cycle by 25%

Of your home buyers who register online and eventually buy, how long does that sales cycle take? Reducing an eight week sales cycle, for example, to a six week sales cycle (or less) through lead nurturing tools such as email newsletters, RSS-to-email campaigns, and sales follow up using a CRM means more annual sales.


14.  Increase email open rate 5%

Your email open rate is an indication of how engaged your prospect list is. Increase your open rate with subject headers that ask a question, solve a problem, and create a sense of urgency. Test different types of subject header content to find what works best for your buyers (then do lots more of that).


 15.  Increase email click through rate 5%

Once your prospects open your email, get more of them to click through to your landing page, video, website, social media page, or other call-to-action link. Try different types of CTAs (“Watch video” vs “Read blog post”), different copy (“Watch now” vs “Get started”), and different email content (photos, headlines, and copy) to increase your click-through rate (CTR).


 16.  Increase page one keyword saturation 10%

How well do you rank for the most relevant search terms in your market (“Miami condos for sale”), and how often? If you rank just once on page one, add another search result by optimizing videos, social media profiles, blog posts, and photos with keywords. The more links buyers see when searching for new homes in your area, the more likely it is that they will click through to your website.


 17.  Double your search engine brand presence

In addition to relevant keywords, when someone enters a search in Google for your company name what do they see? Are all of the messages on page one created by you, and do all messages reflect the way you’d like buyers to perceive your company? If not, look for opportunities to optimize videos, social media profiles, photos, press releases and more with your company name.


What are your online marketing goals for the year ahead? Need some help getting there? Contact us for more information about our home builder digital marketing services.

Dawn Sadler

Dawn Sadler is the Founder and CEO of Builder Target. She is also a speaker, author, and content strategist.

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