5 Simple Ways to Reach Relocation Buyers

Relocating to a new city can be a stressful time for families. New schools, new neighborhood, new job, new friends, and of course a new home. For home builders, families that are relocating to the area are often an untapped source of home buyers, especially for standing inventory homes. Many relocation buyers are anxious to get their family settled in a new city and move-in ready homes are often the perfect fit.

So how can home builders connect with buyers that are relocating?

Here are five ideas to develop an online marketing campaign to reach relocation buyers.

1. Realtor Partnerships

Nurturing relationships with real estate agents is always an important marketing tool, but real estate agents are vital to companies that hire employees from outside the area. Nurture relationships with real agents through (at a minimum) monthly emails with move-in ready homes, new releases, events and incentives.

2. Targeted Facebook Ads

If you know that a large employer in your area is hiring from outside the area you can use Facebook ads to reach a specific target audience within the company. For example, let’s say that you sell new homes in Silicon Valley and you know that technology companies such as Apple, Google, and Cisco are continually hiring new software engineers from around the country. You can create a Facebook ad that is targeted to people with the title Software Engineer at those companies.

3. Search Engine Optimized Content

It’s very likely that a potential home buyer will complete as much online research as possible about the new city they are moving to long before they start house hunting. Research can include schools, activities, commute, neighborhoods, things to do, childcare, and more.

Include blog topics in your content calendar that are specifically written for relocation buyers and optimize your content based on keywords that they are likely to use in their search.

Here are some sample headlines:

Portland New Homes: 10 Best Neighborhoods for an Easy Commute

An Insider’s Guide to San Diego for Parents

100 Things to Do for Kids in Denver (from Toddlers to Teens)

Blog content that is focused on solving a buyer problem builds trust and credibility for your brand.

4. Landing Page

A landing page is simply a page on your website that is specifically designed for the needs of relocation home buyers. Relocating to a new city can be overwhelming, especially for families. Landing pages that are geared for relocation buyers will focus more on the features and benefits of the area (which local home buyers will already know). The goal of the landing page is to capture an email address so you can create personalized content for families that are relocating to the area.

If you offer Live Chat on your website, consider branding your Live Chat as a “Have a Question? Speak with a Relocation Specialist” on this page.

You may also want to create a download that potential home buyers can register for. This should be something that is useful to their search, not just a brochure. Perhaps it’s an at-a-glance matrix of the included features from various builders in the area or something as simple as a relocation checklist.

5. Auto-Responder Series

For families that are relocating to a new city, there is no end to information they need to gather. Beyond the essentials of schools and commutes, there is everything from where to find a decent cup of coffee to the best spin classes in town. As home builders, selling lifestyle is every bit as important as selling homes.

Once a prospective buyer registers on your landing page, use a series of auto-responders to “drip” information about your neighborhood. Information might include a graphic of all of the amenities they would be able to walk to within one mile of your neighborhood, a list of parent networks, or a fun rating of the area’s best coffee houses.

Each auto-responder should include a call-to-action that invites buyers to engage with a salesperson by Live Chat, phone, appointment request form, event RSVP, or email.

Add one or all of these strategies to your own marketing plan to tap into a new source of home buyers.

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Dawn Sadler

Dawn Sadler is the Founder and CEO of Builder Target. She is also a speaker, author, and content strategist.

  • Jared


    Great article! I wanted you input on how you would create and build relationships with realtors? Where would one go to obtain potential leads/relationships and what would be the best practices for creating these new relationships (email, lunch appointments, face to face interaction)? What would be the best topics of discussion when trying to build these relationships with realtors?