7 Home Builder Facebook Retargeting Strategies

7 Home Builder Facebook Retargeting Strategies

Are millions of dollars in lost revenue leaving your home builder website every month? On average, only 1% and 3% of all website visitors register with an email address. Of those that do register, only 20% may ever schedule an on-site appointment. That translates to just 4 appointments for every 1,000 unique visitors. So how can home builders reach the other 996 prospective home buyers?

One effective and affordable strategy is Facebook retargeting.

Retargeting simply means advertising to people who have previously visited or registered on your website. Since retargeting reaches people who are already familiar with your company and your website, it’s a middle-of-the-funnel advertising strategy that focuses on home buyers that are closer to making a buying decision. (If you have ever visited a website, and then felt as though you suddenly an ad for that website wherever you went on the web, you’ve experienced retargeting.)

Many home builders are already use Google retargeting effectively to drive sales, but Facebook offers several advantages over Google. Facebook gives home builders the ability to combine retargeting with audience insights so you can deliver personalized ad content that drives more leads and sales.


  • At 40 minutes per day, the average American spends twice as long on Facebook compared to Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter (source)
  • Companies with a greater number of digital touch points across multiple platforms are more likely to experience higher sales (source)
  • Leads that are nurtured with personalized content produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities (source)
  • Facebook retargeting lowers cost per click (CPC) as much as 26% and cost per action (CPA) as much as 33% for a higher return on investment (ROI). (source)

Facebook retargeting is a simple, easy to use, affordable tool to accelerate your leads, appointments, and sales.

Here are seven ways you can begin using Facebook retargeting today:


#1 Retarget Website Visitors

Goal: Convert more website visitors to leads

On average, between 1% and 3% of landing page visitors will register. The remaining 97% to 99% that do not register can represent millions of dollars in lost opportunity for home builders each year. So how can you recapture those potential buyers?

Create a retargeting campaign that delivers ad content to people who visit your website but do not register. Simply add the code provided by Facebook to your site and Facebook will track who visited your website for you. (The code can be added in under 5 minutes or for less than $50 from an IT person.)

The goal is to encourage people on Facebook to return to your website and register. Consider offering a “[Your City] New Home Buying Guide” (or similar type of guide) that prospective home buyers can register for and download on your site.


#2 Retarget Website Visitors by Page

Goal: Convert more website visitors to leads

In the past, when someone visited a specific page on your website (such as a floor plan) and left your site without registering you had no way of following up with them with more information about that plan. Today you can create a personalized experience for buyers based on their interests even if they have not registered on your site. This is true of any page on your site: financing, photo gallery, process, find a neighborhood, etc.

Consider creating ad content that promotes additional information that buyers can register for based on specific sections of your site. It might be more information about a specific floor plan (testimonials, design ideas, photos of alternate configurations) or an invitation to get pre-qualified with your preferred lender.


#3 Retarget Abandoned Landing Page Visitors

Goal: Convert more website visitors to leads

A landing page is a page on your website with a specific, singular call-to-action. A landing page might be set up to encourage prospective buyers to download a brochure or buyer guide, RSVP for a Grand Opening event, Live Chat with a member of your sales team, schedule an appointment, or request more information.

Create a retargeting campaign that reaches people who visit your landing page but do not register. There are many reasons that people do not register on a landing page including design, colors, copy, photos, length of opt-in form and more. Redirect people who do not register on your first landing page to a second version with the same offer, but different copy or visuals. This gives you a second chance to connect with that home buyer.


#4 Retarget Existing Web Leads

Goal: Convert more web leads to appointment

In the first three strategies the goal is to encourage website visitors to register on your website with an email address. But what about people who have registered on your website but have not yet visited your Sales Center?

If you have an email list of more than 1,000 leads you can upload that list to Facebook and create a custom audience. If your prospective home buyers registered on your website with the same email address that they use for Facebook, Facebook will match those addresses and deliver your ad content just to your web leads.

Use this strategy to create content that encourages people who have already registered on your website to move to the next step in the buying process: an on-site visit.


#5 Retarget by Plan Preference

Goal: Convert more web leads to appointment; increase be-back traffic

In strategy #2 we talked about retargeting based on a specific page on your website (such as a floor plan) to encourage prospective buyers to register on your website. But how do you encourage people who register for more information about a specific plan to schedule an appointment to tour the model home or inventory home?

Upload your list of leads (as you did in #4) but upload prospective buyers who have demonstrated an interest in a specific plan. This can include buyers who register on your website, buyers who visit your Sales Center that you sales team has qualified for plan preference in your CRM, or both.

Use this strategy to sell inventory homes of a specific plan, overcome objections of a specific floor plan, or promote a plan that is not selling well.

Since you will want to have at least 1,000 people on your list, this strategy is best for builders with a large database of prospective buyers.


#6 Retarget by Buyer Persona

Goal: Convert more web leads to appointment; increase be-back traffic

Every buyer has different needs, different problems to solve, and different aspirations when shopping for a new home. If your new home community features five floor plans that range from 1,500 to 3,000 square feet your community may appeal to first-time home buyers, first move up, second move up, multigenerational families and even retirees. People will respond to different copy, photos and calls-to-action based on where they are in their life stage.

Create a custom audience by uploading your current list of prospect email addresses to Facebook. Then use audience insights to create segments based on life stage. Promote content that speaks directly to the needs of each life stage and promote floor plans, locations and features that are most likely to appeal to each group. This creates a more personalized experience for buyers online, a higher click through rate, and more appointments for you.


#7 Retarget by Sales Center Visit

Goal: Convert more appointments to sale

Another way to use custom audiences from your existing email list is to create a campaign that reaches people who previously visited your Sales Center but have not purchased a home yet. This is ideal for prospective home buyers that are actively in the market to buy within the next 30 days. Content should include more urgency and action-oriented language. Move-in ready homes, new releases, and limited-time promotions are good messages for this group.

If you are new to retargeting keep it simple by starting with one strategy. As you begin to see more success and your marketing return on investment improve begin adding additional strategies to accelerate your results.

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Dawn Sadler

Dawn Sadler is the Founder and CEO of Builder Target. She is also a speaker, author, and content strategist.

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