A home builder guide to better email subject headers

38 Awesome (& Awful) Words for Email Subject Lines

Your email list of prospective buyers is one of your company’s most valuable marketing assets. A healthy email list, when used as part of a smart marketing system, is one of your best tools for converting home shoppers into home buyers. Email marketing is affordable and effective, but only if buyers actually open and read your emails.  The success of your email marketing starts with your open rate.

An open rate is the percentage of people who receive, and open, your email. A standard email open rate is 35%, but email open rates can be as high as 50%, 60%, and 70% or more. Higher open rates translate to more traffic, appointments, and sales. So what’s a simple way that you can double or triple your own email open rate?

Yesware, an email tracking tool for sales professionals, recently analyzed the email subject lines of more than 500,000 emails to identify which words had the highest (and lowest) open rate.

How to Use This List

Email subject lines aren’t just for occasional promotional eBlasts. Effective subject headers can drive results at multiple stages of the new home sales funnel and create a healthy marketing system for your company.

Use the words below to improve the effectiveness of your:

  • Email newsletters
  • Promotional email campaigns
  • Blog post titles (that are delivered by email through an RSS feed)
  • Auto-Responders
  • Salesperson follow up emails

Although the Yesware research was not specific to new home sales, we’ve included industry-relevant examples to make it easy to use (or avoid) these words in your own email marketing.

Best Performing Words by Open Rate

  1. Intro (61.6%) “Intro to Financing for First Time Home Buyers”
  2. Follow (63.63%) “Follow Us for Fabulous Fall Savings”
  3. Steps (78.82%) “Next Steps to Building Your Custom Dream Home”
  4. Welcome (65.34%) “Welcome to [Company] Homes! Here are 10 Helpful Tips for Your Home Search”
  5. Call (62.60%) “Can I Call You Today at 3 p.m.?”
  6. New (63.19%) “New Release Now Available”
  7. Introduction (52.59%) “An Introduction to Our Newest Plan”
  8. Next (66.75%) “Welcome to [Company] Homes! Here’s What’s Next”
  9. Question (54.79%) “Have a Question about Financing? Let Us Help”
  10. Campaign (71.02%) “Have You Seen Our New Fall Campaign?”
  11. Information (61.21%) “Here is the Information That You Requested”
  12. Listing (77.93%) “See a Listing of all Quick Move-In Homes”
  13. Update (66.20%) “Here’s an Update About Our Newest Release”
  14. Quick (56.69%) “Need a New Home Quick? See Our Available Homes”
  15. Contact (59.96%) “Contact Us About Your New Home Search”
  16. Get (53.90%) “Get a Design Center Credit When You Buy This Month”
  17. Meeting (60.55%) “Let’s Schedule a Meeting at Our Design Center”
  18. One (58.46%) “One More Thing…”
  19. Checking (68.35%) “Checking In On Your New Home Search”

Worst Performing Words by Open Rate

A good benchmark for email campaign performance is an open rate of 35% or higher. Although many of the words below performed above average, all produced an open rate of less than 50%.

  1. Hey (49.66%) “Hey, Have You Seen Our New Spruce Plan?”
  2. Calendar (33.10%) “Can I Get on Your Calendar?”
  3. Online (38.03%) “See Our Online Photo Gallery”
  4. Tour (42.45%) “Schedule a Model Home Tour”
  5. Best (49.72%) “See Our Best Homesites”
  6. Website (42.11%) “Visit Our Website to See Quick Move-In Homes”
  7. Point (43.63%) “What’s the Point of Building a Custom Home?”
  8. Interest (45.18%) “Interest in Our New Phase is Exceeding Expectations”
  9. Line (43.11%) “Don’t Wait in Line for the Home of Your Dreams”
  10. Site (47%) “Our New Site is Now Live!”
  11. Just (45.45%) “Just Three Days Until Our Grand Opening”
  12. Marketing (38.53%) “See Our New Marketing Incentives”
  13. Interested (39.21%) “Still Interested in a New Home?”
  14. Good (42.95%) “Good to See You Last Saturday.”
  15. Mobile (43.63%) “Our New Mobile Site Has Just Launched”
  16. Can (48.73%) “Can You See Yourself in a New Home This Holiday Season?”
  17. Noon (41.64%) “Please Contact Me before Noon Today”
  18. Afternoon (41.81%) “Let’s Schedule an Appointment This Afternoon
  19. One (58.46%) “One More Thing…”

What Works for You?

Which words work best for your homes, audience of potential buyers, market where you build, and other factors? Although the above list provides a guideline, results will vary for your own email marketing campaigns.

Look at the stats for your own email marketing campaigns from the last 12 to create your own list of best and worst performing words. Continue to test and monitor and in no time you could double or even triple your own email open rate.

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Dawn Sadler

Dawn Sadler is the Founder and CEO of Builder Target. She is also a speaker, author, and content strategist.

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