Home Builder SEO: 11 Ways to Protect Your Brand Online

When prospective buyers type your company name in a search engine such as Google, who influences their perception of you? A third party review site? A third party broker site? A third party listing service?

Shouldn’t it be you?

Every smart home builder SEO strategy starts with taking control of as many top search results for your company name as possible. This means that the results that buyers see when they enter your name into a search engine are messages that are created by you, approved by you, and can be modified by you.

Don’t have a big SEO budget? Not to worry. You can leverage larger sites (such as Facebook) to create profiles that outrank any third party sites that might be displaying negative, or incorrect, information about your homes.  By creating profiles on multiple sites, you push third party information about your homes (messages not approved or controlled by you) to no man’s land (otherwise known as page two).

This layered SEO strategy works by targeting sites that have a high Google page rank and creating search-friendly profiles for your company. Google page rank is a measurement between 1 and 10 of a website’s relative importance on the web. Sites with higher page rank also rank highest in the search engines.

To give you an idea of how this can work for you, let’s use a fictitious builder name of “Sample Homes” and see how the page one search results might look once these profiles have been set up and optimized for search. (We’ve included the page rank for most of the sites for your reference):

1. Sample Homes (Your Main Website)

Before you create a layered strategy using the websites below, make sure your own home builder website is maximized for SEO with keyword-rich page titles, meta descriptions, permalinks, and equipped with easy social sharing tools.  Your website should always be the #1 result for your company name.

2. Facebook | Sample Homes (PR 9/10)

Home builder Facebook pages are used by most builders today. Create a name for your Facebook Page that it is consistent with your website to add another layer to your search results.

3. Sample Homes on Twitter (PR 9/10)

The title of your home builder Twitter page is another great way to gain a top spot for your name on Google, so consistency here is key. If your Twitter handle is @samplephx and the name on your Twitter account is “Susan Mills,” (because that’s the person tweeting for you) then you may have lost the benefit of this layer of SEO. For best results, keep it consistent across all profiles.

4. Sample Homes Blog (PR: Varies)

Hosting your blog as a separate URL can add another layer to your search engine results. If the original website is, your blog may be You can link to the separate URL from your main website to create an easy way for buyers to navigate your site.

5. Press Release 1: Sample Home Creates Sellout at Grand Opening (PR 4-8)

Want great search engine visibility with urgency driven messages that attract potential buyers? PR, PR, PR. Home builder online press releases offer another layer to your SEO that are timely and more urgency driven than profiles alone.

6. Press Release 2: Sample Homes Offers Limited Time Promotion (PR 4-8)

The other advantage to home builder PR is that it can be posted to multiple press release submission sites, which can create even more search engine result layers.

7. Sample Homes – Flickr

Photos are an important part of a buyer’s online research. Post photos of your models, homes under construction, buyers who give testimonials, available inventory, and neighborhood events to your Flickr account to create an additional SEO layer.

8. Sample Homes’ YouTube Channel (PR 9/10)

In addition to photos, video is a powerful tool for engaging potential buyers and standing out on the web. Leverage the popularity of YouTube with a dedicated channel that ranks high in the search engines and gives potential buyers a more interactive way to experience your homes.

9. Sample Homes on Tumblr (PR 8/10)

Web 2.0 Sites Such as Tumblr let you create free blog where you can repost content from your blog and home builder social media profiles or share third party articles about positive housing news, how-to’s for homebuyers, and other content that is valuable to buyers.

10. Sample Homes Presentation – Slideshare  (PR 8/10)

Slideshare, often referred to as the YouTube of Powerpoint presentations, can be an effective tool for home builders to educate potential buyers about topics such as buying a first home, selecting a custom home builder, the cost of ownership between a new home and a foreclosure, real estate market trends for your area, and more.

11. Samples Home on LinkedIn (PR 9/10)

Create a company profile page on LinkedIn to add another layer to your SEO strategy that produces high ranking search engine results.

By creating these 11 layers, home builders can control how prospective buyers experience their brand on the web.

Dawn Sadler

Dawn Sadler is the Founder and CEO of Builder Target. She is also a speaker, author, and content strategist.

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