Home Builder Social Media: 10 Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Video

Home builder video marketing has given new home marketing teams a phenomenal opportunity to promote their models, neighborhoods, buyer testimonials, and more. Video creates a stronger emotional connection for potential homebuyers than any other online medium.

Video marketing is becoming the cornerstone of every high performing new home marketing strategy.

So once your video is posted to your website or Youtube, how can you get more potential homebuyers to see it? Here’s 10 video promotion ideas for new home marketing that drive high impact results:

1. Email Your Database

Video emails are becoming more and more popular and ever easier to do. Reach out first to the people who are furthest along your sales pipeline – leads and prospects that have demonstrated an interest by previously registering online or visiting the sales office.

2. Optimize for Search Engines

When posting your video to Youtube, include the high volume keywords that potential buyers are most likely to type into a search engine. Be sure to include these in your description and your tags. For even more SEO power, create a keyword-rich script for your video and upload the transcript.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist is still an incredibly powerful tool for driving web traffic and leads online. Include “Watch video,” “View video tour,” or “Watch buyer testimonial” in your headline to increase click through. You can link to the video from your ad.

4. Blog

If you have a home builder blog, this is a natural place to post your video with a high energy description that drives urgency. Be sure to optimize your post title with high volume search terms and include in your tags, your description and your links. This can increase your visibility in the search engines and reach beyond the current audience of your blog.

5. Facebook

Also an obvious and natural choice for your videos. Post directly into your feed and on your video page. Create a regular posting schedule for videos and focus on different aspects of your community: a certain floor plan, a buyer testimonial, a phase of the sales cycle (opening, closeout, new release), builder story, new promotions, etc.

6. Twitter

Twitter has become filled with 140 character real estate ads about listings. How can you stand out? Researching a new home purchase is a highly visual process. Include “Just posted, new video” to your Twitter post to increase click through and stand out in a potential homebuyer’s Twitter feed.

7. Your website

Don’t forget your most powerful tool, your own website. Adding your videos can decrease your home builder website bounce rate, increase traffic when optimized for SEO, and help you stand out among competitors who have static sites without video. There is a lot about a new home that can never be adequately communicated on a static or flash web page. Create videos that sell neighborhood, lifestyle, company culture, and of course people to move more passive internet shoppers to active in person visitors.

8. Email to Brokers

Beyond your immediate circle of brokers, consider a broker email distribution service to increase awareness of your community to brokers throughout your area. You never know who has a buyer that is just right for your home. If the broker email distribution service is not optimized for email distribution, distribute an email with a screen shot of your video with a link to your website.

9. Broker Blogs, Emails, and Websites

For the brokers that you work with regularly, consider asking them to distribute your video on their website, to their email lists, and in their blog. Real estate agents always need new and fresh content to share with their audiences. Create a partnership relationship with brokers to leverage your network and your time in prospecting for new buyers.

10. Sales Office Handouts

We all know (or have been) buyers who visit a community, take the brochure home and pour over every detail. We also know that buyers can feel home shopper overwhelm as they try to remember which kitchen went with which living room. If a prospect leaves your sales office without making a buying decision, send them home with as many tools to continue “selling” long after they’ve left. Include the link on your sales sheet, send a follow up email within one hour with the video, or burn to a disc and give them as a handout with your website and contact information.

To find out how powerfully these tools can work for you, set a goal of how many views you would like to achieve in a certain time frame (for example, 100 views in the next two weeks). Add a call to action to your video (such as “Download a brochure,” or “Schedule a tour”) to measure the increase in new leads and sales office traffic.

Dawn Sadler

Dawn Sadler is the Founder and CEO of Builder Target. She is also a speaker, author, and content strategist.


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