Is Your Home Builder Marketing Lean? How to Trim the Fat.

How lean is your home builder marketing strategy? Is it easy to manage, responsive to market trends, and high performing? Or does it feel bloated, slow, and weighted down by ineffective and outdated systems?

With so many options available for digital marketing (social media, blogs, email, SEO, advertising) it’s easy to rush into everything without having a clear plan to achieve anything. This can lead to a bloated digital marketing program that feels difficult to maintain and even more challenging to measure.

But you can make the shift to a lean and mean marketing strategy. Here are a few ways to trim the fat.

Create Short-Term Wins

Before you launch into a new campaign or initiative, take a step back. What are the business goals you are trying to achieve in the next 90 days? What are the objectives you need to accomplish to meet your goals?

Goals might include:

  • Sell 10 move-in ready homes
  • Pre-sell cul-de-sac lots
  • Increase average sales per month 20%
  • Sell remaining lots on closeout community

Objectives to reach those goals might be:

  • Increase website traffic 50%
  • Generate 100 new leads
  • Convert 15% of lead list to on-site appointment

Communicate goals to everyone in the organization. Create an implementation plan, assign roles and responsibilities, and set due dates for each action item. Miscommunication creates the organizational bloat of excessive emails, unclear expectations, and lack of clear direction. Clarity trims the fat and creates a lean, mean, marketing team.

Build Your Toolbox

Once you have your business goals and objectives for the next 90 days it’s time to choose the appropriate tools. If your focus is to convert more web leads to sales office appointments it will make more sense to focus on email marketing (middle of funnel) than online advertising (top of funnel).

Every goal requires a different strategy and different tools. A lean marketing program trims the fat by focusing only on the best tools for your specific business goals. This saves money and time. Your team can be laser focused on the right tools without wasting manpower and marketing dollars on the wrong ones.

Praise and Pivot

A lean marketing system gains momentum through consistently achieving objectives. Review your results each month. Celebrate your wins as a team and pivot when necessary. A team that is encouraged to actively engage in the results in empowered to develop fresh ideas. This trims the fat by eliminating old systems and ways of thinking that can weigh down your marketing.

Make a few small changes in your company each month and over time you will see better sales results, lower marketing costs, and a leaner organization.

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Dawn Sadler

Dawn Sadler is the Founder and CEO of Builder Target. She is also a speaker, author, and content strategist.

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