7 Signs of a Successful Home Builder Blog

The 7 Signs of a Successful Home Builder Blog

What is the direct connection between home builder blogs and more sales contracts?

The primary goal of a home builder blog is to attract potential buyers to your website, convert those buyers to leads, and nurture those leads through the five stages of the sales funnel.

Here’s 7 signs to help you determine if your blog is measuring up:

1. Your Email List is Growing

The first sign of a healthy blog is that readers are opt-ing in by registering an email address. Readers can opt-in by subscribing to your blog, signing up to receive your email newsletter, registering for a contest or download, or scheduling an appointment. If 5% or more of the unique monthly visitors to your blog are registering an email address, that’s a sign that your blog is doing well. A conversion rate of 10% or better each month is is optimal. (Find your current conversion rate: divide the total number of opt-ins in a month by total unique visitors.)

2. Your Social Media Networks are Growing

Email opt-in is ideal, but visitors who opt-in to your social media network are also demonstrating interest and engagement. Grow your social media network by asking for readers to follow you on Twitter or like your Facebook page and give them an easy way to do so with one click. (See: How to Turn Your Home Builder Blog into a Lead Conversion Machine)

3. Your Total Website Traffic is Increasing

The successful home builder blog is made of up equal parts quality content and promotion. Blog content can be redistributed around the web on social media networks, in press releases, in email marketing, on Craigslist, and more. The combination of good content and promotion should yield a steady increase of website traffic. (See: The Home Builder Blog Promotion Checklist.)

4. Your Organic Website Traffic is Increasing

In addition to traffic from promotion, your blog should increase your search engine ranking for multiple keywords and phrases (such as “Miami condos,” “Miami real estate, ” “Miami downtown condominiums,” etc). This increases organic traffic, or the traffic that you do not have to pay for. A blog that drives at least 1/3 of your traffic organically each month is working well. (See: How to Write a Search Engine Friendly Blog Post)

5. Your Return Traffic is Increasing

A buyer who is very interested in your community may visit your blog for weeks or months without ever visiting the sales office or engaging with a sales agent. A large number of return visitors is a good indication that your blog is successfully providing relevant content that is bringing potential buyers back again and again.

6. Your Content is Being Shared

A good way to determine if your blog is successful in providing high value content for your audience is how often readers are sharing it on their social networks. Although some blog posts (contests and events) are more likely to be shared than others (profile of a specific home or team member), sharing is a good measurement for how well your content matches your reader’s interest.

7. Your Readers are Engaging

There are people who comment on blogs who will never buy a home, and people who will never post a comment on your blog but will still buy from you. Comments are one indication that your blog is connecting with buyers, but there are others. Are prospects calling or visiting your sales office and asking about something that they read on the blog? That’s quality engagement that leads to bottom line results.

Dawn Sadler

Dawn Sadler is the Founder and CEO of Builder Target. She is also a speaker, author, and content strategist.

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