How Home Builders Can Turn Old Blog Posts into New Sales

Turn Old Home Builder Blog Content into New Sales

Do you want to squeeze more sales out of your existing marketing budget? If you have a home builder blog chances are that you are sitting on a goldmine of untapped sales. A blog can earn one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) of any tool in a home builder’s digital marketing plan, but only if you know how to use your content to generate maximum profits.

To understand how this works, consider the typical home buying sales cycle:

Most home builders have an audience with an expiration date. People research a home, buy a home, move into a home. For the most part buyers don’t really think too much about home builders until they need a new home again in another 5, 7, 10 or more years.

That means that parents who are looking for a new home for their growing family today probably have never seen the really amazing blog post that you wrote last year called, “10 Reasons Why Parents Love [Your Neighborhood].” It might be the exact type of evergreen content that your buyers are looking for.

Evergreen blog content is content that you write today that is still relevant a month, a year, or even several years later. Examples of evergreen content for home builders can be information about floor plans, neighborhood, builder’s story, buyer testimonials, how-to articles, and any other topic that is not time-sensitive.

Examples of topics that are not evergreen include events, new releases, incentives, closeouts, holiday messages, specific move-in ready homes, and sales updates.

To get the most bang from your blogging buck plan your content using the 80/20 rule: 80% of your content should be evergreen topics that can be reused and 20% should be time-based content.

Evergreen content is where the gold is. Here are 6 ways to repurpose old evergreen content to earn new sales.


1. Find (or Fix) Favorite Topics

Home Builder Marketing Google Analytics

If you’ve been following the recommended home builder blogging guidelines of publishing at least twice per week you will have more than 100 published articles at the end of the year. Look at your Google Analytics to find the blog posts that have the most views and conversions over the last year. This is content that prospective home buyers like most. Are these evergreen topics? If so, this is content that you can repurpose to earn new sales.

Now take a look at posts that did not perform well. Is there something you can do to make that content more valuable, relevant, or interesting? Maybe the title wasn’t compelling or the opening sentence was a bit drab. Could you add media such as video or more photos to turn a blog post from “meh” to magnificent? Update your old content that did not perform well and repurpose it with a new headline, new photo, new media, or updated copy. This is an inexpensive way to increase the ROI of your existing content.


2. Discover a SEO Goldmine

Discover a Home Builder SEO Goldmine with Old Blog Content

In most cases, more leads come from home buyers who find your blog through a search engine than any other source. And it makes sense. Home buyers who type “new homes Sacramento” into a search engine are more likely to be actively in the market for a new home.

If your old blog posts are not optimized for search engines you could be missing an opportunity to reach these active home buyers. This is an easy fix that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Simply update old blog content based on the best practices for home builder SEO. It’s never too late to turn old content into fresh rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing.


3. Repost Evergreen Content to Social Media

Use Home Builder Social Media to Promote Blog Content

Create a fresh take on old content by reposting existing blog posts on social media with new copy and graphics. If you have 1,000 followers and only 25 people clicked through to read your blog the first time you posted it then that’s 975 followers that have never seen it.

Create a fresh social media graphic for your blog post using a tool like Canva or Fotor. Share your graphic on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. High quality photos are more likely to be earn engagement on social media. Content that is shared on social media also ranks higher in search engines. Promote your post with Facebook ads to get your message in front of people outside your own social media audience.


4. Include in Your Email Newsletter

How to Use Home Builder eNewsletters to Promote Blog Content

Email newsletters are one of the 5 emails home builders should send every month and a great way to give new life to old blog posts. Home buyers who have signed up to receive your newsletter in the last six months probably have never seen the content that you wrote a year ago.  Repurpose one or two old evergreen blog posts in each bi-monthly prospect eNewsletter. Include a “Popular Articles” section of your email newsletter and add some of the best performing blog content from your archive.


5. Create an Essential Guide

Increase Home Builder Website Conversion with Blogging

If you have been blogging for a year or more you probably have a lot of content about buying a first home, choosing a neighborhood, financing FAQ, or other popular home builder blog topics. Gather the best blog posts into a list format and publish a blog post called, “The Essential Guide to [Topic].” In your blog post include links to all of your previous blog posts related to that topic. These “epic” blog posts are more likely to attract clicks, likes, retweets and shares than blog posts that only cover a single aspect of a topic.

Take this one step further and repurpose the content into an attractive PDF that home buyers can register to download. Here are three reasons this provides value for you and your buyers:

  • You save home buyers time by aggregating information on a specific topic
  • You ensure that your best content is seen by prospective home buyers
  • You use existing content to build your email list with fresh leads

If you have blog posts that include a lot of data you can also turn your content into an attractive infographic. An infographic is a great way to earn traffic and shares.

6. Create an Automated Email

Email Automation for Home Builders

Automated emails are emails that are triggered once someone signs up on your website or blog. This set-it-and-forget-it marketing tool is the perfect opportunity to get your best content in front of new prospects. For example, let’s say you are a custom home builder and last year you published a blog article that answers 10 of the most common questions customers have about finding the right builder. Repurpose that content into an email that is sent automatically each time someone registers to download a brochure or subscribe to your eNewsletter.

Content that is old to you isn’t old to someone who has just started looking for a new home. Even if your blog post was published more recently there is a good chance that you have existing prospects that have not seen it yet. Repurposing old content to win new sales is good for home buyers and good for your bottom line.

Best of all, repurposing content gives home builders the leverage to earn more profits from every blog post. That gives builders the freedom to focus on investing in exceptional content that is driven by quality instead of quantity.

What old blog content can you turn into new sales today?

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Dawn Sadler

Dawn Sadler is the Founder and CEO of Builder Target. She is also a speaker, author, and content strategist.

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