Turn Old Videos into New Buyers with Facebook Ads

Facebook video ads for home builders

Turn Old Videos into New Buyers with Facebook Ads

Are you missing one third of online home shoppers?

Studies show that one third of all online activity is spent watching video. This is a smart trend for home builders to be aware of to reach home buyers online. Video can be a powerful tool to demonstrate a home, share homeowner testimonials, promote the benefits of a specific neighborhood and more.

But making a video, and making sure that your video is seen by potential home buyers, are two different things. Every video needs an effective action plan to maximize your return on investment (both time and dollars).

Facebook video ads provide an easy and affordable way to promote your video to potential buyers. When it comes to video, only Google’s YouTube handles more referrals than Facebook. Here’s how you can leverage Facebook video ads to fill your online sales funnel.

Keep it short. Home buyers are much more likely to watch your video if it is no more than 2 to 3 minutes in length.

Target your audience. Create a custom audience by city or zip code to target Facebook users that are most likely to buy in your neighborhood.

Include a call to action. It is unlikely that a person is going to watch the video and immediately want to visit your sales office and purchase a home. But a simple next step such as downloading a brochure, asking a question by Live Chat, or subscribing to the blog can move passive viewers into engaged prospects.

If you have a library of videos on Vimeo or YouTube that aren’t getting the attention they deserve try implementing a Facebook video ad campaign. It could be the key to turning your old videos into new buyers.

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Dawn Sadler

Dawn Sadler is the Founder and CEO of Builder Target. She is also a speaker, author, and content strategist.

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