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Turn Web Leads into Buyers #4: Email Automation

Ever wish your home builder email marketing campaigns could practically run themselves so you could focus on your customers, your homes, and your employees? Unlike home builder social media, SEO, blogging or other forms of digital content, email offers easy and affordable ways to stay connected with prospective home buyers – even if you don’t have a lot of time.

In the first three parts of the Turn Web Leads into Buyers we talked about three ways to optimize your email marketing: personalize your campaigns with audience segmentation, improve your campaigns with A/B testing, and empower your sales teams with behavior tracking.

In the fourth and final part of the series, we’ll look at three simple tools that you can use to automate your email marketing to save time while still delivering high quality content to prospective buyers.

Bi-Weekly Email Newsletters: Although not completely automated, bi-weekly emails that repurpose recent blog content make it easy to deliver fresh content on a regular basis and bring prospects back to your website. Use buyer behavior tracking to identify which topics prospective buyers are interested in. Then use audience segmentation to follow up with personalized content based on their preferences. (See: How to Use a Home Builder Email Newsletter to Qualify Web Leads)

RSS-to-Email: RSS-to-email is simply an automated delivery of your blog posts by email. Every time you publish fresh content to your blog it is sent to the inbox of each one of your subscribers. Publish content at least twice per week (see “How Often Should Home Builders Blog?”) as a form of “drip marketing” to nurture web leads to appointment. Each month, review your RSS-to-email reports. Which topics had the highest open rates? Which ones had the highest click through rates? Adjust your content calendar accordingly. (See: The Home Builder’s Essential Guide to RSS-to-Email)

Scheduled Auto-Responders: A simple auto-responder can be sent once a visitor to your website registers their contact information. It happens automatically so prospective buyers receive an immediate communication from you, even if they register at 2 a.m.

You can also set up auto-responder sequences that are automatically delivered based on a pre-determined schedule. For example an auto-responder can be sent one day, one week, two weeks, and one month after a prospective buyer registers on your website.

Track the open rates and click through rates for each auto-responder. Which one is the most effective for driving buyers back to your website? Which one converts the highest number of web leads to appointment? Continually test your campaigns to improve conversion.

Email marketing is still one of a home builder’s most valuable tools to convert web leads to appointments. Use all four advanced home builder email marketing strategies to turn simple email marketing into a steady flow of new appointments for your company.


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Dawn Sadler

Dawn Sadler is the Founder and CEO of Builder Target. She is also a speaker, author, and content strategist.

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