Turn Your Home Builder Blog into a Sales Funnel

Do you have a bunch of old, stale content on your home builder blog and nothing to show for it? No leads, no appointments, no sales? Are you wondering why you should even bother to blog at all? Before you throw in the towel, consider a new approach.

After all, blogs are one of the most effective and persuasive tools home builders have to attract, convert, and nurture online leads. Even better, once your blog post is published the process is almost entirely automated.

Here are a few advantages of turning your blog into a sales funnel:

You will save time. Unlike social media, which can be time consuming to maintain and manage, blogs create a sales funnel that is almost entirely automated.

You will save money. Unlike advertising that requires that you continually spend to get results, blogs are asset-based. The blog you publish today will continue to attract new home buyers for months and years to come.

You will see results. Studies show that 9 out of 10 consumers will buy a product after reading about it on a blog. Among consumers age 18-54, blogs are the most influential marketing tool after a referral from a friend.

Think turning your blog into a sales funnel sounds complicated? Here’s a simple step-by-step process to create content that connects and converts.

Stage 1: Attract Home Buyers to Your Blog

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The first step to turning your blog into a sales funnel is to increase the number of ready, willing, and able buyers who read it. According to a study by Google and the NAR, 69% of home shoppers who take an action on a real estate website (such as requesting more information) come from a search engine.

Write your blog posts so they can be easily read by humans and search engines.

How often should you blog? This depends on your company size and where you build. A small local builder may only have 25-50 localized keywords he is targeting. For him, two blogs per week is fine. A large builder that builds in multiple markets will have hundreds of keywords localized for each neighborhood, city, and region. They will need to blog more frequently to appear on the first page of Google in each area.

Stage 2: Turn Blog Visitors into New Leads

Turn home builder blog visitors into leads

There are hundreds of home builder blog topics that you can write about, but each one must answer the same question for the home buyer who reads it. Imagine your readers asking, “Now what?”

Answer that question by adding a clear call-to-action to every blog post. The goal is to turn readers into homeowners, but the immediate objective is simply to invite them to take the next step in the buying process.

Here are a few good calls-to-action for your blog posts:

  • Subscribe to the blog
  • Sign up for an eNewsletter
  • Download a brochure
  • Live Chat
  • Schedule an appointment

Tailor your call-to-action based on each blog post topic. The call-to-action should be appropriate for the topic and the stage of the buying process. For example, if your blog post is a general introduction to your company, your call-to-action might be to download a brochure. If your blog topic is about the last remaining home in a closeout neighborhood, your call-to-action would be to schedule an appointment.

You can use several different calls-to-action for your blog content but limit your CTA to one per blog post. The singular objective is for readers to opt-in with at least a valid email address. This turns passive readers into active relationships.

Stage 3: Turn Web Leads into Appointments


The next step in your sales funnel is to move your blog subscriber to an in-person appointment at your sales office where he or she can meet with a sales person, tour the model homes, and select a home site.

First, you’ll want to set up an RSS-to-Email. This will automatically deliver your content to your blog subscriber’s email inbox every time you publish a new post. Include a call-to-action that invites your subscriber to schedule an on-site appointment or connect with a team member by Live Chat. Each time you publish a new blog post (we recommend a minimum of twice per week) you will be providing high value content and a compelling reason for buyers to take the next step. Best of all, it’s completely automated.

At the end of each month, review your email reports. Look for subscribers that open every email to identify the most engaged prospective buyers. Share this list with your sales team. There may be undiscovered opportunities for your sales team to connect with active home buyers and make additional sales.

Complete these three steps and congratulations! You have successfully turned your home builder blog into an automated sales funnel to attract, convert, and move online home shoppers to new sales contracts.

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Dawn Sadler

Dawn Sadler is the Founder and CEO of Builder Target. She is also a speaker, author, and content strategist.

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