Home Builder Content Marketing: How to Communicate Quality

You Build Quality Homes, But Can Online Home Shoppers See It?

Ask almost any home builder in America to describe the homes they build and you’re likely to hear the word “quality.” To a home buyer, this is roughly translated as your homes are “nice” or “interesting.” When every builder in your market says they build a quality home the word becomes meaningless to customers – especially online.

Home buyers want to know what quality means for them. While any home builder can post beautiful photos of merchandized models online, very few clearly communicate what quality means when building a new home, why it matters, how it differs from builder to builder, and most importantly what it means for home buyers.

In other words, “Show, don’t tell.”

Here are nine ways to effectively communicate quality through your home builder blog, social media, and email marketing:

  1. Materials: What are the construction materials you use, and why do you use them? How does it compare to what your competitors use? What are the results? How does it make the home better and what is the benefit to the homeowner?
  2. Partners: Who are the trades that you partner with, and why do you use them? How long have you been partnering with them? What’s their track record of success? What does that mean for a homeowner 5, 10, 20 years from now?
  3. Features: What are the included features in your homes? Why did you choose that brand and that model? How do they compare to other brands and models? What does it mean for the homeowner?
  4. Team Building: What are your hiring practices? What kind of employee do you look for? What is the combined building experience of your team? What standards do you hold for new hires?
  5. Training: How do you invest in the continuous improvement of your construction team? What kind of training does your team go through? Is there a certification (internal or external) that employees must gain to be hired or promoted? How stringent is it? How many people pass?
  6. Leadership: Who are the key leaders on your construction team? What is their experience? What’s their philosophy? What testimonials have they received? Why are they qualified to build a quality home? Why should a potential home buyer care?
  7. Testimonials: Which homeowners have owned their home the longest? How do they feel about their home today? How has the quality held up 5, 10, 20 years later? Would they/have they bought another home from your company?
  8. Continuous Improvement: How up-to-date are you and your team on the latest best practices for construction quality? How to you learn about them, test them, implement them?
  9. Get Specific: Break it down by a specific section of the home. For example, what are 25 ways that you exceed industry standards for quality in every kitchen that you build? What are 10 ways that your exteriors are designed to be low-maintenance, durable, weather-resistant and energy efficient?

Clearly communicate the quality of your homes and you will differentiate your homes from other builders in your market, establish trust and authority, and engage more buyers online.

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Dawn Sadler

Dawn Sadler is the Founder and CEO of Builder Target. She is also a speaker, author, and content strategist.

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